My blog and I

Hi.  Welcome to my days and thoughts.  I am a playwright and actor who has recently turned to writing fiction.  I have been thinking about publication and what it might look like in the future.  Will there always be a need for agents and publishers, or will agents and publishers simply become recognized as the corporate side of publishing?  They publish the textbooks, the academic tomes, what they consider ‘the great works of literature’ past and present, but we/I/you publish the offbeat, the radical, the fringe, the personal, the local etc.  Can I become my own industry?    And you, yours? Can I/you make money this way?  Some authors are already their own industries and earning their living.

My colleagues and I used to stage my plays in gardens, bars, prisons, theatres, classrooms, fields, the street.  Blogging and ebook publication seem to be a natural extension of this kind of self-production.  What I would like to do with the blog, however, is use it as a platform for thinking in public about literature and politics, culture and books, and any attendant issues.  I hope you enjoy what I offer.


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