great beans

This is a dish that is always popular with my kids and with guests.  It’s the kind of dish you can make and keep around in the fridge for days, taking a small spoonful with each meal.  It’s very rich, so if you’re having brown rice, keep the rice plain.  Soak one cup of beans (I like kidney beans best) overnight, rinsing and changing the water at least once, then again when you start to boil them.  Boil on a low heat for one and a half hours, or more, if you like.  You have to keep your eye on the water level.  By the end you want as little water as possible, that is, by the time you are ready to eat, the beans will be a solid mass.  About an hour into cooking chop a few cloves of garlic and a piece of ginger (say, a square inch) into tiny pieces and add to the pot.  Put a handful of arame (stringy sea vegetable – very nutritious) in a bowl and pour boiling water over it (this reduces the ‘seaweedy’ taste a bit).  Drain and add to the pot.  After another twenty or thirty minutes you can turn off the heat.  There should be little water left.  Add a large tablespoon of tahini and as much tamari and mix well.  And that’s it.  This and the rice can be the basis of a great meal, adding a veg or two, another source of protein if you like, and, of course, a crisp dill pickle helps with digestion.


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