The best staple food ever

Among other things, and along with my opinions — that don’t really matter much — I’d like this blog to be the sharing of the best things I’ve found in life.  So let’s start with the best staple:  pressure cooked brown rice in a miso, tahini and tamari sauce.  This is a salty dish so the measurements can be varied to taste.  I like medium grain rice all year round, but short grain is considered best in winter and long grain in summer.  You’ll see why when you try them.  The recipe goes like this:  one cup of medium grain brown rice.  I use bulk so it has to be washed first.  The washing itself can be a respectful ritual, covering the rice with water, rubbing it in your hand, then rinsing off the dust and any loose hulls.  One cup of rice to one cup of water.  Bring up the pressure slowly, then reduce the heat to just about keep the pressure up.  Cook for 50 minutes.  Use a heat diffuser.  The lower grains will be toasted and will make a nice refried dish later.  While the rice is cooking, put a half a table spoon of barley miso, one table spoon of tahini, and one and a half table spoons of tamari in a bowl and mix until creamy.  When the rice is done, roll it in the sauce and voila, the best and tastiest staple I have ever come across.  This goes well with almost anything, but particularly with steamed vegetables, a crisp dill pickle, and beans or a small piece of fish.  I have a bean dish that I will share later on.


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